Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading

Because we have experience in the publishing side of the industry, we at My Book Inside understand just how important it is to have a well-polished, thoroughly edited manuscript - whether it's going in front of an agent or publisher, or it's being published by the author on Amazon and the myriad other platforms out there (there is talk of Amazon planning to reject books that receive negative reviews for editing). Poor editing is also one of the key reasons agents and publishers will reject a submitted manuscript.
So, you can see why it's so darn important to have your book professionally edited and proofread. And, as authors, we all know that the worst possible editor for a book is its author - because we become so familiar with the words we have written we no longer see the mistakes.

BASIC EDIT - $0.06 per word

  • A thorough go-through copy edit of your manuscript to fix:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Style (as per your style of choice - Chicago Manual of Style, AP, or MLA)


  • A full line and developmental edit that includes:
  • Spelling, grammar punctuation & style
  • Sentence-by-sentence scrutiny to ensure flow, style, author's "voice"
  • Detailed feedback and suggestions on how to improve/enhance your book (this also helps an author to grow their writing)
  • Comprehensive, constructive critique and suggestions as to how to revise your writing to improve plot, story arcs, characters, pacing, scene transition, & humor
  • Assistance/coaching on how to improve and write realistic, flowing dialogue
  • Final proofread

JUST A PROOFREAD - $0.03 per word

  • Exclusively for manuscripts that have been professionally edited:
  • A rigorous read-through to pick out any last-minute errors the editor may have missed (industry standard is 95%, so it's always worth a second pair of eyes!)