Beta Reading and In-Depth Critique

Beta Reading, Critique, and Book & Script Doctor

So, your book or screenplay is finished - it's imperative you know just how it's going to be recieved by your target readership audience. Being so close to their work, an author is his/her own worse critic, which is precisely why beta readers and reviewers exist. It's incredibly important to garner unbiased feedback from impartial readers before publishing or submiting your masterpiece to agents, publishers, producers, etc.

This part of the process is very different from editing - it deals with the flow and voice of your book, the plot and characters, and provides an honest review. You can use our always-constructive feedback to make any changes you deem necessary to provide that extra level of polish and professionalism to your work.

If you require more in-depth feedback, My Book Inside has professional reviewers, published authors, and screenwriters to provide detailed critique and guidance on how to make the very best of your hard work.

BETA READING - $0.0125 per word

  • Read-through of your book
  • An overall review of your book through a "customer's eyes"
  • Written one-page review

IN-DEPTH CRITIQUE - $0.025 per word

  • Read-through of your book
  • A detailed, written report on where fixes need to be made:
  • Plot, characters, story lines, continuity, facts & information

BOOK & SCRIPT DOCTOR - $0.05 per word

  • Read-through of your book
  • Detailed, page-by-page report on how to improve your book:
  • Plot, characters, story lines, dialogue, continuity, facts & information
  • Ongoing support from your dedicated "doctor"