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At My Book Inside, we offer a comprehensive, diverse range of professional writing services, which can be easily tailored to your literary needs. Our team of skilled, experienced fiction ghostwriters are available for hire to ensure your stories and ideas are brought to life in engaging, captivating ways. Whether you're looking to create an enthralling novel, a gripping short story, a compelling screenplay, or any other form of fiction, our ghostwriters possess all the creativity and expertise required to make your vision a reality.

If you're seeking a ghostwriter for an autobiography, biography, or memoir, our ghostwriters have the unique ability to authentically capture your life's journey while preserving your voice and experiences. Our commitment to the very best quality, whether it’s ghostwriting, publishing, artwork, etc. does not come at a high cost; at My Book Inside, we pride ourselves on providing affordable fiction ghostwriting services without compromising on excellence.

At My Book Inside, we understand that writing is only part of the journey. That's why we also offer affordable, comprehensive book publishing services. From meticulous editing and professional formatting to stunning cover design and book distribution - including audiobook production - we're here to guide you through every step of making your dream book a published reality.

My Book Inside - Everything You'll Ever Need to Bring Your Book to Life

"Everyone has a book in them..."

We're your professional, experienced, one-stop-shop to getting that book written, edited, polished, published, and marketed by the very best in the business!

Why Choose To Work With My Book Inside?

  • We are 100% transparent with all costs and contracted work - absolutely no hidden costs or sneaky add-ons!
  • We are professional, experienced writers, editors, artists, publishers, and marketers
  • We provide everything you'll need to get your book "out there" and selling
  • Exceptional industry insider-knowledge & contacts
  • Our ghostwriters are published authors in their own right
  • We have a wealth of professional publishing experience
  • Our team runs a professional, sucessful, independent publishing house
  • We only use the very best cover artists
  • We have vast experience in book and author marketing
  • You retain all rights and royalties to your work - forever!

Our Story

My Book Inside LLC is the bringing together of some of the very best writing and publishing industry professionals from all aspects of the business. With our second-to-none skillset and vast experience - your book or screenplay couldn't be in better hands!


Simple: To provide the very best experience for each and every one of our clients and create books that have the very best chance of hitting the bestseller lists.

Our skill SET

We offer an comprehensive range of knowledge and creative skills - from ghostwriting a book from scratch, to formatting for publication, to creating the very best artwork for the cover, to self-publishing, to getting your book in front of reviewers, agents, and publishers.





Our Exceptional Services

My Book Inside provides you with the full range of services to bring your book to life and launch it out into the literary world.


You have that great idea for a bestseller book but don't have the time or know-how to get it down on paper? That's where our expert ghostwriters can help!

  • Novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Self-Help, Educational, Screenplays.
  • Ghostwriters are authors published in their own right
  • Award-winning & bestselling authors
  • Decades of combined ghostwriting experience
  • We NEVER use AI writing bots
  • We also have seasoned screenwriters
  • Screenplay to novel
  • Novel to screeplay
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Many authors today choose to self-publish their books to build a following & fan base - it provides a quicker means of getting your book to market, keeping the lion's share of your royalties, and controlling all aspects of marketing and promotion

  • Over 11 years practical publishing experience
  • Phenomenal cover art created by industry-renowned artists
  • Professional formatting for eBook, paperback, and hardback books
  • Publishing platforms account creation - we do it all for you!
  • Expert advice on copyright, trademark, and literary legal matters
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Whether self-publishing or going down the traditional route of submitting to agents and publishers, it's absolutly essential to have a professionally edited, proofread, and polished manuscript.

  • Full developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Partial ghostwriting
  • We also edit podcasts, trailers, interviews (audio and video)
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Artwork & Cover Creation

Whoever said "you don't judge a book by its cover" was way, way wide of the mark! Your book's artwork is your first opportunity to hook your readers - so we make sure it counts!

  • Industry-leading artists and cover creators
  • Tailor-made, unique artwork created to your requirements
  • Paperback & hardback wraparound covers
  • Hardback dust jacket design
  • Ebook covers
  • Audiobook covers
  • Children's Book Illustrations
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Audiobook Production

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment of the literary market - currently worth over $1.5bn and projected to continue expanding at 20% - 25% in the next 4 to 5 years at least. We will professionally produce yours to get your book onto this expanding platform.

  • We ALWAYS use professional narrators
  • We NEVER use AI bots - only real people!
  • We offer 3 flexible ways to produce your book - to suit every budget
  • Your audiobook is made available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes
  • Or - your audiobook made available on 13 platforms
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Publisher/Agent Query

If your aim is to present your book, screenplay, or manuscript to agents and publishers, it's imperative to have the right tools to do so. So, we will create your query letters, synopsis, and required sample all ready to send. We'ill also provide contact information for the 'best-fit' publishers and agents for your book.

  • Query email letters
  • Follow-up email letter
  • Book/script synopsis
  • Agent/publisher contact information
  • Book samples
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Beta Reading/Critique/
Book & Script Doctor

Even if your book or screeplay is finished, we can assist you to polish and hone it into something truly spectacular.

  • Books
  • Screeplays
  • Teleplays
  • Advice on how to improve story, characters, and plot
  • Catch errors in continuity, facts, historical information, etc.
  • Positive, constructive critique to enhance your work
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Transcription Services

To publish or submit your book or screenplay to agents/publishers, it's essential to have the manuscript in digital format. If you have a book on paper, dictation, or even an old, previously published version, we can recreate it in the appropriate, industry-accepted formats...

  • Handwritten on paper to digital format ready for publishing
  • Typed on paper to digital ready for publishing
  • Out of print books recreated to digital for republishing
  • Spoken dictaion to digital format
  • Screenplays rewritten into the appropriate, industry-standard format
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Book and Author Websites

Your website is the "storefront" for your book or you as an author. It's the hub for information about your book, as well as teling potential readers where they can buy it's various versions and providing a central point for your social media links

  • Single book websites
  • Multiple boook/author websites
  • Key metadata built into landing page
  • Embedded sales links
  • Preorder links
  • Email capture
  • Allow your fans to email you direct
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Book Promotion/Marketing

With your book finished, polished, and published, the essential tast of telling the world it's out there and available to buy begins. My Book Inside works hard to ensure your book has every chance to get in front of your potential readership and become the bestseller it deserves to be!

  • Amazon Ads and promotions
  • Amazon A+ author page
  • Your book as an "Amazon Bestseller."
  • Circulate your book around 4000+ reviewers
  • Exposure to podcasters & e-zines
  • Animated book trailers
  • Submission to Kirkus, Bookbub, and more
  • Press pack
  • QR code
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Book Trailer Production

An animated book trailer is a fantastic new way to grab the attention of the book-buying public, agents, and publishers.

  • 10 - 30 second animated book trailer
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Book/Writing Coaching

So, you're embarking upon the dauting journey of writing your book, or perhaps you're already part of the way through - we are here to help guide you through it! Our experienced, published authors and ghostwriters can work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your writing is on-point.

  • Novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Self-Help, Educational
  • Screeplays/Scripts
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